• Excellent clip on spiritual direction! Joseph Tetlow, SJ, is an expert on the Spiritual Exercises and is the author of several books, including Choosing Christ in the World, a guide for those directing the Exercises in Everyday Life. He spent several years in Rome as head of the Jesuit Generals Secretariat for Ignatian Spirituality, guiding the efforts of 250 Jesuit retreat houses. He talks about Jesus and prayer and lets us know what nourishes him as a spiritual director.
  • Ignatian Retreat Video Series
    • Who is Ignatius? Why is he important? James Carr, S.J.
    • What is an Ignatian Retreat. Who is it for? Richard Stanley, S.J.
    • Personal Experiences on weekend, weeklong and 30-day retreats. Ann Fowler
    • Retreats as “Sabbath Time.” Gail O’Donnell, RSCJ
    • What does a retreat day look like? Ann Fowler
    • Finding God in the beauty of nature on retreat. James Carr, S.J.
  • The story behind the founder of the Jesuit order, Ignatius of Loyola. As told by Stephanie Russell, Executive Director of Marquette University's Office of Mission and Identity.
  • Fr. Jim Martin, author of My Life with the Saints, describes Ignatian contemplation
  • ”Is That You, God? Ignatian Discernment for Our Day” 9 Part Lectures in DVD and/or CD format 
    • Presentors: Harry Cain, SJ and Virginia Blass, D.Min. In the midst of our busy and over scheduled lives, how can we find God and let God find us? Are you seeking to discover more of God's loving presence in your day? Do you desire a learn of a ‘language of the soul’ to better communicate with God? Do you want to make more spirit filled decisions that grant you greater freedom in your important life decisions? This compreshensive program is also especially designed for a person who is trained and experienced with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, to assist you in any teaching or sharing of the Spiritual Exercises with others in a variety of locations. This video and or audio program contains nine presentations focusing on discernment, decision-making, and daily practices. It comes complete with a DVD presentation, PowerPoint presentation, participant’s study guide, presenter’s guidebook, and an extensive list of recommended resources, books, journals, and websites. With this complete comprehensive resource, anyone trained in the Spiritual Exercises, would be able to utilize this program in ministry engagements in a great variety of ways. (parishes programs; retreat programs; and within college curriculum) 
    • To order: or 1-800-955-3904
  • “Putting Out into the Deep” - A 12 lecture/preached retreat in the Ignatian Tradition DVD and CD format 
    • Presentors: Harry Cain, SJ and Virginia Blass, D.Min. 
    • An Ignatian-based preached retreat with 12 lectures each presenting another aspect of our faith journey. Topics include: discovering our authentic desires and why that is important in our relationship with God; what is faith?; taking a long loving look at the real; risking and faith; gift of our imagination in prayer; the depths and power of compassion; grace in forgiveness; God's consolation for us; and the wisdom and teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola for our day. 
    • To order: or 1-800-955-3904

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