Ignatian Resources for Lent 2020

February 27, 2020 – The Lenten season is a journey that invites us to reflect more deeply on the life of Christ and the mysteries of our faith. In preparing for this journey, the spiritual traveler needs tools, resources and direction. If you're looking for assistance in going deeper this Lent, you're in the right place. Listed below are a variety of resources from the greater Jesuit and Ignatian community. Take a moment to see which of these may be most useful to you on your Lenten journey, then utilize them throughout the season and share them with others to aid in their own journeys. Together, we will come out of these 40 days renewed in spirit and strengthened for the resurrection that awaits us.

OIS Video Reflections for Lent 2020
These 40 days of Lent are an opportunity to deepen our spiritual lives and, as St. Ignatian would say in the Exercises, “to reflect and to take advantage” of the richness of the readings that we will hear. Let us all join our prayers together, in our native languages but as one community, beginning with these short video reflections on the Sunday Gospels. (Click here.)

40 Days of Ignatian Resources for Lent
Whether you want to commit to daily action or prefer to chew over a single concept throughout the 40 days of Lent, the Ignatian family and Jesuit collaborators have you covered. (Click here.)

Living Lent Daily
Lent presents a wonderful time to explore Scripture in our daily prayer, so reflect each day with Loyola Press' Scripture-based inspiration of Living Lent Daily, an e-mail series. Authors and other friends share reflections based on Bible verses featured in our 3-Minute Retreats. Each day you’ll receive a message with one of these reflections and a link to pray the 3-Minute Retreat that inspired the words. (Click here.)

Lent Resources: Online retreats, video and articles highlights a variety of Ignatian contemplation and reflective prayer resources to encourage us during this season of repentance and renewal. (Click here.)

Jesuit and Ignatian prayer sites are another great way to pray during Lent. All three of the following have their own iOS and Android smartphone apps: (apple / android)

Produced by the Midwest Jesuits, offers daily Scripture, along with an Ignatian prayer for the day and an Ignatian reflection written by Jesuits and lay collaborators.  

Sacred Space (apple / android)

Run by the Irish Jesuits and Loyola Press, is available in 23 different languages. 

Pray as You Go (apple / android)

Created by the British Jesuits, has downloadable daily audio prayer sessions. Read the site’s advice for a happy and holy Lent.

Recent News

May 15, 2020 – This two-part video series is excerpted from OIS's spiritual direction workshop, titled "Beyond the Myths of Grief: Wisdom for Spiritual Accompaniment" and presented by Melissa Kelley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. This workshop was presented on April 21, 2018.

May 14, 2020 – An online mini-retreat at Pentecost for Ignatian spiritual directors, happening on May 28, 2020. This retreat is an opportunity for spiritual directors to reflect on how the pandemic experience has been affecting you and your ministry.

April 28, 2020 – These poems are reflections on Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter 2020, written by Fr. Robert VerEcke, SJ.

While life has always been marked by change and loss, nothing could have prepared us for the sudden loss of “life as we know it” and the suffering that we have witnessed recently. In this live online program, Nicholas Collura, M.Div., will consider experiences of grief in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Alleluia! Christ is risen!" Rev. George Witt, S.J., reflects on Easter in this video for OIS's Comunidades Hispanas Ignacianas.

These 40 days of Lent are an opportunity to deepen our spiritual lives and, as St. Ignatian would say in the Exercises, “to reflect and to take advantage” of the richness of the readings that we will hear. Watch these short video reflections on the Sunday Gospels.

Resources from across the Jesuit and Ignatian community to accompany you during this time of uncertainty.

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