The Feast of All Souls
Nov. 2, 2017 - Today, Nov. 2, is the feast of All Souls, when many Christians remember family members and friends who have died. 

While there may be some sadness when one remembers those who are no longer with us, there is joy in knowing that there is eternal life with God. As St. Paul the Apostle wrote in his letter to the Romans, “suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” (Romans 5.3-5)

You are part of our Jesuit family, and we will remember you and your loved ones in our prayers.

Below is a list of Jesuits from our province who died between June 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Please join us as we prayerfully remember these priests and brothers who were called to home to God. Please also remember Br. Louis N. Mauro, SJ, Fr. John P. Bucki, SJ, Fr. Richard D. Bertrand, SJ, and Fr. Robert G. Gilroy, SJ, who have died since then.

Fr. John Michael Buckley, SJ
Born Oct. 12, 1931; died April 20, 2017
Entered the Jesuits after graduating from Regis H.S. in 1943. As a regent, he taught at Canisius College. After theology studies in Belgium, he was ordained in 1956. He received a doctorate from the Institute Catholique in Paris before beginning a 48-year teaching career at St. Peter’s College He devoted summers to teaching theology to the novices in Nigeria.

Fr. William B. Cogan, SJ
Born July 27, 1924; died July 8, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1942. After teaching at Canisius H.S. during regency, he was ordained in 1955. After five years teaching at McQuaid Jesuit H.S., he served as secretary to the American Assistancy at the Jesuit Curia and secretary to the New York provincial before teaching at Colegio San Ignacio (PR). Taught marriage courses and worked in hospitals and retreat ministries through the rest of his life.

Fr. Vincent M. Cooke, SJ
Born May 24, 1936; died June 22, 2017
Entered the Society in 1954; taught at Regis H.S. and Fordham University. After ordination and graduate studies at Yale and the University of Wisconsin he taught philosophy at Fordham. He was the coordinator for first studies, and vice-provincial for higher education before being named provincial of the New York Province in 1978. He served as an administrator at John Carroll University and then as longtime president of Canisius College (1993–2010).

Fr. Robert W. Dahlke, SJ
Born April 9, 1934; died July 18, 2016
After graduating from Xavier H.S., he entered the Jesuits in 1952, teaching physics and math at Brooklyn Prep. After ordination in 1965, he was associate director of the Jesuit Seminary and Mission Bureau for 10+ years. After serving in several parishes in New York and New Jersey (1977–1999), he was pastoral minister and guestmaster at Murray-Weigel Hall.

Fr. George L. Drury, SJ
Born Aug. 23, 1922; died Sept. 27, 2016
Entered the novitiate in 1939 and was ordained in 1952. Taught science at B.C. and Weston before becoming an assistant to B.C.’s president and a school administrator. After receiving a doctoral degree in theology, oversaw spiritual direction and was superior of Campion Center. Later, he joined the staff at Eastern Point and led Ignatian retreats in New England and Kenya.

Fr. Louis L. Grenier, SJ
Born Nov. 2, 1918; died June 19, 2017
The oldest member of the province, he began his Jesuit life of 80+ years in 1936. After regency in Nicaragua, he returned to Weston for theology in preparation for ordination and ministry in Jamaica. He fi rst taught at St. George’s and then was pastor of several parishes; he served on countless diocesan, educational and government boards from 1950 to 2016.

Fr. T. Frank Kennedy, SJ
Born Sept. 12, 1948; died Aug. 19, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1967, after freshman year at the College of the Holy Cross. After teaching Latin at B.C. High, he attended Heythrop College in London and was ordained in 1976. In 1982, after receiving his doctorate, he taught at Holy Cross and then devoted nearly 20 years teaching and serving as chair of Boston College’s music department.

Fr. Anthony J. Kuzniewski, SJ
Born Jan. 28, 1945; died Dec. 19, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1972 while completing his degree at Harvard. During regency, taught at the College of the Holy Cross, and after ordination in 1979, returned there to teach for 30+ years. In addition to being history department chair and rector of the Jesuit community, he was chaplain of athletic teams.

Fr. Paul A. Messer, SJ
Born Jan. 16, 1939; died Oct. 18, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1954 and taught at B.C. High as a regent. After ordination in 1967, he taught at Fairfield Prep and Bishop Connolly High School. In 1975, he began teaching theology and English at Boston College while completing his doctorate. From 1989 on, he taught in the English department and Evening College.

Fr. J. Donald Monan, SJ
Born Dec. 31, 1924; died March 18, 2017
Entered the Jesuits at St. Andrew-on-Hudson in 1942 and taught at St. Peter’s College during regency. After ordination in 1955, earned a doctorate from the University of Louvain. He taught philosophy at Le Moyne College before becoming chairman and an administrator. As Boston College’s longest serving president (1972–1996), led the college through unprecedented growth. Serving on many boards and committees, he was a delegate for the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Ed. under Pope Saint John Paul II.

Fr. Thomas P. Murphy, SJ
Born Aug. 19, 1926; died June 28, 2017
After first vows in 1946, he went to the Philippines for studies and his first teaching assignment. Ordained in 1957, he returned to the Philippines and worked in school administration for some 11 years. After four years as president of Regis H.S., he dedicated more than 30 years to the people of St. Margaret of Corona Parish in the Bronx.

Fr. Edmund W. Nagle, SJ
Born Nov. 15, 1930; died Oct. 11, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1951 and was ordained in 1963. He taught at McQuaid Jesuit H.S. and later worked as assistant to the provincial. Served as a school administrator and counselor at Colegio San Ignacio (Puerto Rico), Canisius H.S. and McQuaid before decades of pastoral/spiritual ministry at Murray-Weigel Hall, Loyola Retreat House and St. Michael’s Parish (Buffalo).

Fr. Joseph B. Neville, SJ
Born Oct. 31, 1929; died Sept. 3, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1947 and taught in the Philippines prior to ordination in 1960. From 1962–1972, he was assistant principal of Regis H.S. He taught religion at Fordham Prep from 1973–1979. From 1979 through the rest of his life, he served in spiritual ministries in parishes and retreat houses in Morristown, N.J., Staten Island and Syracuse, N.Y.

Fr. Lawrence J. O’Toole, SJ
Born Jan. 21, 1927; died Dec. 3, 2016
Entered the Jesuits at Shadowbrook in 1946. He taught chemistry at Fairfield Prep and was ordained in 1958. Taught at St. George’s School in Jamaica, and then served at several Catholic schools on the island until 1976. He taught chemistry at B.C. High from 1978–1991; and worked in retreat ministry at Campion Center while assisting with pastoral work throughout the New England area.

Fr. Fernando Pico, SJ (USC former NYK)
Born Aug. 15, 1941; died June 27, 2017
Entered the novitiate at St. Andrew-on-Hudson in 1959, with regency at his alma mater, the Colegio San Ignacio. He received his doctorate from the University of Puerto Rico, becoming a renowned teacher and scholar. Served as superior of the Jesuits in Puerto Rico and was committed to young people serving prison terms and to the poor and marginalized.

Fr. Robert A. Rice, SJ (PHI former NYK)
Born Feb. 24, 1923; died Nov. 20, 2016
Entered the Society at St. Andrew-on-Hudson in 1940. During regency, he taught at Regis H.S. After ordination in 1953, he spent nearly two decades in parishes and as a school administrator in the Philippines. After six years giving retreats and serving as principal of Xavier H.S. in Micronesia, he returned to the Philippines and for nearly 30 years served in various administrative positions at retreat houses.

Fr. William J. Richardson, SJ
Born Nov. 2, 1920; died Dec. 10, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1941 and taught at Le Moyne College during regency. He was ordained in Europe in 1953 after studies there. Taught at St. Peter’s College, Fordham University, Boston College and Georgetown for nearly 50 years, publishing several books on philosophy and psychology.

Fr. Ronald W. Sams, SJ
Born Dec. 29, 1928; died June 27, 2017
Entered the Society in 1946 after graduating from Canisius H.S. Following ordination in 1959, he returned to Buffalo as a vocation promoter. In 1970, he began 25 years of service in the South Pacific, mainly in Guam and Micronesia. After returning to Canisius H.S., assisting in the community and with the school’s fundraising programs, he became pastor of St. Michael’s Parish (2003–2013) and continued pastoral ministries in the Buffalo area.

Fr. Solomon I. “Sam” Sara, SJ
Born May 1, 1930; died Aug. 8, 2016
Born in Iraq, he entered the Jesuits in 1950 and was at Baghdad College during regency. After ordination in 1963, he went on to teach linguistics at Georgetown for four decades, becoming a widely published scholar, producing multi-volume courses in Arabic for the U.S. Army’s school in Monterey, Calif.

Fr. Michael T. Siconolfi, SJ
Born Sept. 7, 1942; died June 4, 2017
He entered the novitiate in 1960, with regency at Canisius H.S. in Buffalo. Following ordination and doctoral studies, he taught English Literature at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Le Moyne College in Syracuse and Iona College in New Rochelle, N.Y. About 10 years ago, he began serving as a chaplain on several military bases.

Fr. James F. Smith, SJ
Born April 26, 1930; died Sept. 7, 2016
Entering the Jesuits in 1949, he taught at Canisius H.S. prior to ordination in 1962. In 1964, he began a 40-year career at Le Moyne College, teaching math and computer science while serving in various administrative roles. In 1992, he became minister and treasurer of St. Andrew Hall, and later served in pastoral ministries at apostolates in N.Y.C. and Syracuse.

Fr. John “Bud” Talbot, SJ (UCS Former NYK)
Born May 2, 1928; died March 19, 2017
Entered the Society in 1946 and was ordained in 1959. Received a diploma from the University of Puerto Rico in 1966 and was one of the first New York Province Jesuits to go there for apostolic work. Served as principal of a seminary for diocesan priests and led the pastoral center at Puerto Rico’s State University campus. Celebrated 70 years as a Jesuit and 57 years in the priesthood.

Fr. Joseph C. Towle, SJ
Born May 21, 1936; died Aug. 7, 2016
Entered the Jesuits in 1953 after graduating St. Peter’s Prep. Taught at Xavier H.S. prior to ordination in 1966. Led retreats and was administrator of retreat houses in Manhasset and Staten Island before becoming vice provincial for social and pastoral ministry (1977-1983). Coordinated urban apostolates in N.Y.C., serving as the first director of St. Ignatius School until 2002. In recent years, assisted in different pastoral ministries.

Fr. Francis P. Valentino, SJ
Born Feb. 16, 1935; died May 6, 2017
After graduating from Brooklyn Prep in 1954, entered St. Andrew-on-Hudson. After regency at St. Peter’s Prep, he was ordained in 1968. With a doctorate from Catholic University, he taught psychology and theology and was a psychologist and therapist at several colleges/universities. He moved to Murray-Weigel Hall in 2009.

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