Our Mission

Partnering with people and ministries to promote Ignatian spirituality for mission.
Our Mission

We are a ministry of the Maryland and USA Northeast Provinces of the Society of Jesus, committed to partnering with people and ministries to promote Ignatian spirituality for mission.

We do this by focusing our effort in four core areas

1. Spirituality - Ignatian spirituality is about discerning the movement of God’s Spirit in the human heart, in history, and in the world. We are committed to fostering the wisdom of St. Ignatius among those we serve.

2. Collaboration - From the beginning, St. Ignatius believed in forging partnerships, mustering available resources, and networking to ensure the success of the mission. We strive to connect seekers with Ignatian resources, while collaborating with Ignatian institutions and programs.

3. Leadership - "The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few," Jesus tells His disciples (Matt. 9:37). A significant part of our ministry focuses on working with those who will have the greatest influence on others - forming co-laborers to set the world on fire. Whether through Contemplative Leaders in Action, our Ignatian Leadership for Mission Retreats, or the formation of spiritual directors, we are committed to empowering those who serve others, and providing the training they need to succeed.

4. Mission - The Ignatian mission is realized when women and men commit to living for other and building the kingdom of God. In all the work we do, we strive to cultivate a culture of mission.

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Ignatius House Retreat Center
For more than 50 years, the Ignatius House Retreat Center has been open to individuals of all faiths seeking a closer relationship with God.